Stephen J.H. Yang, PhD

楊鎮華 博士 (*中文版)

Vice President for Research
National Central University, Taiwan
Chair Prof, Dept. of Computer Science & Info. Eng.
National Central University, Taiwan
Former Director of Dept of Info. and Tech. Education

Ministry of Education, Taiwan















Professor Stephen J.H. Yang graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Ph.D. in computer science. He is the Vice President for R&D and Chair Professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Central University, Taiwan. Professor Yang was the first Director of the Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Professor Yang also convenes the Future Earth Taipei, Sustainable in the Digital Age WG, promoting digital technology to explore sustainable development.


Professor Yang is a top computer scientist and education scholar. Professor Yang ranks in the top 2% (actually is in the top 1.2%) of the world based on the “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2022” released by Stanford University. Professor Yang has published over 100 journal papers, of which more than 80 are SSCI and SCI journal papers. According to 2019 to 2023 Elsevier Scopus/SciVal, Professor Yang’s publications, 30% are in the top 1% high-cited, 50% are in the top 10% high-cited publications worldwide, with 6.11 FWCI. Professor Yang’s paper citations have exceeded 12,000 with a 51 h-index in Google Scholar.


Professor Yang won the Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award twice in 2010 and 2017. His research areas include generative AI in learning analytics, LLMs in education, human-centered AI, and sustainable education. Research projects include ESG analytics, precision education, human-center AI, and the BookRoll Partnership with Kyoto University.


Professor Yang is currently counseling Applied Materials, Inc. in ESG analytics, investigating how to use NLP technology to analyze corporate ESG reports and developing more accurate ESG rating prediction algorithms through Fortune 500 corporate reports and media news training data. Help enterprises identify key ESG issues that need improvement, formulate improvement strategies, and improve ESG ratings. And further analyze company’s ESG opportunities and risk management and promptly provide semi-automatic response information through generative AI and LLMs.


Professor Yang and Kyoto University jointly established the BookRoll Partnership Taiwan (BRPT), whose members include more than 32 universities, 84 teachers, 383 courses, and 22,527 students. It is the largest international digital learning initiative in Taiwan and Japan.


Professor Yang’s recent research areas are “Precision education,” “Human-centered AI in education,” and “AI in sustainable education.” The special issue “Precision education - a new challenge for AI in education,” edited by Professor Yang and published in Educational Technology & Society in 2021, is the world’s first SSCI journal special issue that applies AI to precision education. The special issue “Human-centered AI in education: augment human intelligence with machine intelligence,” co-edited by Professor Yang and published in Educational Technology & Society in 2023, is the first international SSCI journal special issue to discuss human-centered AI in education. The special issue “AI in smart learning for sustainable education,” co-edited by Professor Yang, will be published in Smart Learning Environments Journal in 2023. It is also the first international journal special issue to discuss AI in sustainable education.